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 Resin phone grip that is about 1.5 inches long.


 Also pick an option of white or black phone grip. 


The phone disk is sealed together with resin to prevent the glitter disk from falling off. 


***PLEASE NOTE: This phone grip is not interchangeable***


***PLEASE NOTE: The color choice of your phone grip may alter the color of the glitter resin disk, as some glitter choices are translucent.


Resin takes 24-72hrs to cure. The time to create, process, and ship your item can take up to 3-7 days.



SKU: PR021
    • Handmade; may have slight imperfections. Please handle with care.
    • To clean; use a soft cloth and wipe gently. Do not soak in water and soap. Do not use alcohol.
    • Avoid long periods of exposure to heat and water.
    • Can break if knocked against or dropped on hard surfaces.
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